Software Licenses

Software Licences

CCMetrics and ACCMetrics are image analysis software which allow tracing of the nerves and quantification of nerve fiber measures from corneal confocal microscopy (CCM) images.

Sudometrics is image analysis software that quantifies the percentage color change in pink over the whole area of Neuropad. Neuropad is a visual screening test which provides a visual means of identifying diabetic patients at risk of foot ulceration.

Providing owner & developer: Prof. Rayaz A. Malik

CCMetrics, ACCMetrics and Sudometrics are offered free of charge under the license agreement for research purposes.

If you publish results using CCMetrics, ACCMetrics or Sudometrics please mention the software in the methods section of your paper.

Click on the link below for:

  • Access to CCMetrics license agreement (manual tracing of nerve fibers) 
  • Access to ACCMetrics license agreement (automated tracing of nerve fibers) 
  • Access to Sudometrics license agreement 

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