Chemotherapy and Intracellular Calcium

Project on: Calcium Signaling in Neuroblastoma Chemotherapy (NPRP: 6-089-3-021)
  • Dr. Dr. Ana Maria Florea, Heinrich-Heine- University Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Guido Reifenberger Heinrich-Heine- University, Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Dr. Osvaldo Padilla, Texas Tech Paul L. Foster School of Medicine, Texas, USA.
  • Prof. Dr. Volker Ehemann, DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germany


  • Dr. Thompson Sarkodi-Gyan. University of Texas at El Paso, Texas, USA

Cellular Mechanisms of Pain Modulation

  • Dr. Tim Hagenacker, University of Essen, Germany
  • Dr. Maria Schäfers, University of Essen, Germany
  • Dr. Wolfgang Greffrath, University of Manheim, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Rolf-Detlev Treede, University of Manheim, Germany