Basic Lab Support

Basic Lab Support Core provides investigators with access to selected facilities, specialized equipment and personnel that individual laboratories cannot afford. The Laboratory is well equipped to support investigators throughout the organization providing services and training for user operated instruments.


  • Glassware washing and sterilization
  • Tissue Culture Rooms
  • Temperature Controlled Room and Cold Storage
  • Core shared equipment
  • Monitoring of essential lab equipment
  • Lab cleaning and disinfecting
  • Cryogenic storage
  • Emergency freezers
  • Purified Water
  • Receiving and distributing of shipments
  • Shipping out temperature controlled samples
  • In house store and delivery for frequently used consumables and chemicals
  • Waste collection and disposal
  • Maintenance of civil, electrical and IT infrastructure
  • Radioactive facility
  • Compressed gases
  • Repair of equipment


Harald Moubarak
Laboratory Manager 
Tel: +974 4492 8958