Proteomics Core Lab: Achievements



  • Awarded the NPRP Cycle 12-S grant proposal titled: Revealing the potential of pathogen-specific antibodies in diabetes patients with the aim of obtaining new diagnostic and prognostic signatures.



  • Dr. Sunkyu Choi (Postdoctoral Associate in Biochemistry) joins the team from China on July 14, 2019. He will be involved primarily in optimizing mass spectrometry workflows and immunoproteomics protocols.


  • Received official O-link analysis certification for the core lab at WCM-Q.
  • Press release announcement (
  • Hosted Ms. Haya Al-Khalifa and Ms. Shahd Al Mughanni in the lab for two weeks (June 16-27) as part of the Research Internship for National High School Students program. The students learned basic proteomics workflows and professional skills in the lab.
  • Acquisition of Genedata, a data analysis software package, to automate services pipeline. Arnd Brandenburg, application specialist from Genedata, trained the team (June 24-25, 2019).


  • Missing Proteins conference in France; WCM-Q participation by Dr. Frank Schmidt and Ms. Neha Goswami.
  • Ms. Hina Sarwath participated in the Olink User Workshop organized by Olink Proteomics in Sweden. 


  • Research grant proposal submitted for National Priorities Research Program (NPRP)
  • Our colleague Muna Al-Noubi presented her Master’s thesis defense, which passed successfully.
  • The core lab received mass spectrometer instrument- QExactive HFX (Thermo Scientific). 


  • Hosted PhD student Hans Peter from Austria for training on MS instrumentation.
  • Successfully completed first collaboration study (sample size-348) using Olink Proteomics.


  • Dr. Schmidt shares his vision for the core and implements changes gradually, restructuring team goals.
  • The proteomics core receives collaboration projects with various institutions in Qatar and abroad