Clinical Research

Our Mission

The mission of the Clinical Research Support (CRS) Core is to support, advance, and promote clinical and translational research in Qatar, with a view of making a significant positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the Qatari and other populations. The Clinical Research Support Core offers a wide range of services, resources, training and tools to support and facilitate the work of research investigators and clinical researchers. 

We strive to support the shared values of WCM-Q.

We provide a coordinating hub for clinical research, allowing you to focus on the science - we can do the rest.

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What we do?

  • We provide research study initiation and IRB concierge support to WCM-Q Principal Investigators (PIs) and other PIs in Qatar to navigate the grant application and IRB approval processes.
  • We develop and maintain WCM-Q clinical research policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • We provide a start-to-finish research program management service, including timeframes and scheduled quality assurance.
  • We support and train all staff and students involved in clinical research, focusing on problem resolution, training and signposting.
  • We ensure best practices relating to clinical trials are shared across WCM-Q.
  • We work to establish and maintain links with all healthcare organizations in Qatar and beyond, to help ensure best practices are shared across the country and the wider region.
  • We provide support for laboratory sample collection, processing and storage.
  • We provide support for data management, including identification and selection of data collection processes, data storage advice and solutions, and data analysis functions.


CRS Core services

Services available: 
  1. Research design services  
  2. IRB concierge services
  3. Study management and monitoring 
  4. Laboratory sample processing and storage
  5. Information/data management
  6. Clinical research capacity building and training.
Services and resources under development:
  1. e-Clinical research management system
  2. Standardized laboratory support for cross-sectional clinical research studies
  3. Streamlining of data and/or biosample transfer collaboration between WCM investigators
  4. Facilitation of streamlining between Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Cores.

The Clinical Research Support Core delivers its key responsibilities under five service headings, which allows researchers to focus on the science. Researchers can choose a "full-p ackage" approach, which offers all five service elements, or they can pick and choose any combination of services as required.   

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Research Design Services (complimentary):

  • Study design assistance and grant application collaboration
  • Consultation on best practices in health communications and study recruitment (ResearchMatch search of a clinical research database to identify persons with specific characteristics as potential study participants)
  • Consultation and administrative support for seeking and maintaining regulatory approval for research in human subjects
  • Costing and budgeting guidance.

IRB Concierge Services (fees may apply):

  • Assist with IRB submissions from ancillary approvals to completion: protocol design and writing of regulatory and IRB applications, including development, submission, and maintenance assistance
  • Review IRB submission packages for completeness (explain and interpret fields in critical IRB forms)
  • Guide response to IRB requests for modifications to secure IRB approval
  • Assemble, maintain and monitor regulatory binders
  • Prepare for sponsor and regulatory agency audits
  • Add your study to IRBNet and national registries (e.g
  • Provide referrals to ethics consultations on request.

Data/Specimen Management:

  • Equipment support: user training, competency-based assessment, equipment management, writing equipment SOPs
  • Data support: data extraction from CRS equipment, data entry support
  • Clinical sample support: CRC training on sample handling, processing, storage
  • Creating lab manual and designing lab workflow based on approved protocol
  • Wet lab support: sample processing, aliquoting, cell preparation, storage
  • Freezer support: -80C sample storage, sample inventory and tracking.

Study Management & Monitoring:

  • Clinical study support: for early stage investigators or established investigators with larger projects.
  • Develop and provide access to a collection of Standard Operating Procedures (Link1.1: SOPs)
  • Develop investigator-initiated protocols (Link1.2: protocol templates)
  • Assistance for recruitment and enrollment of volunteers in clinical trials and studies
  • Clinical research database: data collection, management and analysis assistance
  • Clinical research coordinator conduct (research nursing and oversight) and volunteer retention, including cover for leave and sickness
  • Quality management for clinical research: audit, SOPs, administration management
  • Access to equipment associated with patient assessments (Tanita, blood pressure cuffs, scales, actigraphy, sleep monitors etc.)
  • Close-out support: opportunities to present and get feedback on proposed and current research studies in Qatar.

Clinical Research Capacity Building and Training:

  • CRC Training Provision
  • One-on-one training for junior faculty, post-doctoral fellows, students and research staff in the conduct of clinical research
  • Training in the development of research protocols and funding applications for clinical research
  • CRC Study conduct training
  • CRC training for phlebotomy and specimen collection, processing, inventory, storage and shipping
  • Train CRCs and research staff on IRB submission and monitoring processes
  • CRC equipment and handling training.

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Contact Us:

Mrs. Gayle Nelson, MPA, BA(Hons),

Clinical Research Core Projects Manager

T: +974 4492 8922

F: +974 4492 8270