Services and Collaboration

Accessing Core Services at WCM-Q

As a core laboratory, WCM-Q offers a range of services to both internal and external researchers in the State of Qatar and internationally. Below are detailed explanations of how these services can be accessed.

Services Offered by the Proteomics Core

As a core lab, we constantly strive to optimize our workflows and establish new methods that improve quality and output. We highly recommend a scientific meeting about your project needs and research objective with the Core Lab director and personnel to suggest the optimal workflow for your project.

Here are brief descriptions of the services we offer:

  • Protein and peptide identification using enzymatic protein digestion (in-solution, gel, beads) techniques including reduction and alkylation. In addition, we also perform single-pot solid-phase enhanced sample preparation (SP3) and PreOmics iST for samples with low protein yield.
  • Quantification of peptides can be done using isotopic labeling methods which includes metabolic labeling (SILAC) or chemical labeling using Dimethyl (in-solution or solid phase). Label-free experiments can be performed as well. Proper experiment design and correct application of appropriate methods are needed to deliver the required results, the core members will be happy to assist you in this regard.
  • Peptide fractionation is performed using techniques such as isoelectric focusing (IEF) and strong anion exchange (SAX). Purification of peptides and proteins is performed using solid-phase extraction disks with a particular protein concentration. Equipment used: Ziptip (Merck), PureSpeed (Mettler Toledo), C18 (Empore), reversed-phase resin (POROS TM 50, R2) and Oligo R3.
  • Multiplex immune-affinity assay developed by Olink Proteomics-Sweden - used for protein biomarker discovery. This assay uses minimal biological sample volume (1 uL) to measure 92 markers specific to various human disease conditions and pathways.

Requesting Service and Scheduling Sample Submission

  • All internal groups (within WCM-Q) and external collaborators can request proteomics core lab services online through iLab (https://wcmq.ilab.agilent.com/service_center/show_external/4736)
  • Please fill out the service request form with all the required information, so we can help assist you better and understand your research objective
  • Prices for the services requested will be displayed online and can be discussed with the Director based on effort basis, collaboration. 

Sample Shipping

Shipping of samples (room temperature) via FedEx can be arranged between the relevant environment health and safety (EHS) departments of institutions involved.

Dry Ice Shipment

  • FedEx does not ship dry ice shipments to Qatar. Please note clearance for dry ice will not be issued by the regulatory authorities and sample integrity is at risk.
  • For dry ice shipment, kindly consult our procurement office to advise on suitable shipment providers and appropriate documentation. Dry ice shipment to Qatar is expensive and will cost more than US$3,000. To save time, you are kindly advised to prepare the documents for shipping well in advance.
  • Make sure sample shipment arrival is scheduled during working days (Sunday-Thursday).

In order to ensure smooth delivery, you require two documents prior to shipment: 

  • A commercial invoice (usually arranged by any university's procurement office), 
  • A certificate of origin (courier companies like FedEx generally provide this document), and
  • Address of the recipient, as follows:

Consignee address:

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar

C/o Qatar Foundation

Education City – Al Luqta street

Doha, Qatar

Attn.: Research Dept./M: 55869867

Both documents MUST be attested by the Chamber of Commerce in your city.