Dean's Message

A message from Dr. Javaid I. Sheikh, Dean of WCM-Q

Graduation is a special day in the lives of both our students and faculty members. It is a moment in which we look back to acknowledge the work accomplished, but also forward to the journey that lies ahead, which more often than not presents many challenges.

This is why an entity such as Alumni Affairs, which provides assistance in the years that follow graduation, is such a valuable resource, offering help, guidance and encouragement to former students as they navigate the world of medicine and build successful careers. This value also extends beyond the graduates themselves, for alumni provide important ties that link the university, its students and faculty, to the wider world of medicine, bringing us essential information about their experiences, the challenges they have faced, and their triumphs. As such, Alumni Affairs can act as a hub in a powerful network of health professionals, which can assist in amplifying career opportunities for WCM-Q alumni and in turn help the college pursue its objective of producing future leaders in healthcare for the State of Qatar.

I hope you will all find being active members of this network as rewarding, fulfilling and inspiring as I do.

Alumni Affairs Message

Thank you for taking the time to connect with WCM-Q and fellow alumni; your effort aligns with our aim to create long-term connections and involve graduates in the sharing of experiences between alumni and various parties. As part of this initiative, we aspire to offer support to alumni to allow them to access a variety of opportunities and to provide mentorship to current students.


Create a community of alumni that contribute to the health and well-being of people locally, regionally and globally through care, teaching, discovery and policy development.


Develop the next generation of leaders in healthcare for the State of Qatar.