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Institute for Population Health

We welcome you to the Institute for Population Health (IPH) at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar, where we believe in the paramount importance of population health at both local and global levels.

Health is a shared responsibility; it matters to everyone and is the foundation of every society. We pride ourselves on our principle that health problems are best addressed by cooperative actions, approaches guided by experience and sound scientific research.

Goals and Objectives

The Institute for Population Health was created with the goal of advancing the tripartite mission of Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar. The goals and objectives of the institute are threefold in the broad arena of education, research, community and related matters.


Strengthen and augment existing educational activities; develop and implement new programs; host symposia, training workshops and certificate courses tailored to the needs of the local and global audience.


Expand and increase collaborative global and local research initiatives. Enhance population health research activities, which will contribute to promoting the well-being and health of the people in the State of Qatar.


Enhance community health awareness and patient care-related auxiliary services that support the needs of the people of Qatar; support and participate in community-related matters and in community engagement to develop improved relations with the community.

Our Programs

We believe that effective public health policies, healthy lifestyles, and informed healthcare decisions can improve life expectancy and health outcomes and advance the overall quality of life. Discover our programs and share your interests, experiences and ideas with us so that we too can continue to learn.