The Imaging Core provides services to the WCM-Q research community and other stakeholders in Qatar as applicable. The core provides service along three areas: Flow cytometry, Histology, and Microscopy. To find more detailed information on each service, including location, contact information, and equipment, please check out the weblink provided below. We offer training in the use of some the microscopy equipment for individual labs. Training for each user is a requirement before independent use of any platform. We also offer assistance and consultation in the use and experimental design for flow cytometry, histology, and microscopy platforms. We appreciate your use of our facility and ask that you please acknowledge the Imaging Core of WCM-Q in all publications that use the Core's services or collaborations with the facility's staff.


Please refer to the iLab weblink for the list of all the available services and technology.

Usage Policy

The Imaging Core is open to all WCM-Q faculty, staff, and students. All users must book through the online reservation system before the experiments. New users, please first meet with the core staff to discuss research requirements, and to schedule a consultation or training session for the equipment you would like to use.

Imaging Core List and Primary Contacts

Flow cytometry

Liberska, Aleksandra, MS 
Flow Cytometry Supervisor


Nasrin Mesaeli, PhD
Director of Molecules, Genes and Cells Course
Director of Histology Core
Associate Professor Biochemistry 


Sun, Lu, PhD
Manager of the Microscopy Core