Team Members

Office of Research Compliance

Contact information for general queries:
Research Compliance:

Dr. Amal Robay, PhD, CHRC, CCRP
Director- Research Compliance
Assistant Research Professor of Genetic Medicine
+974 4492 8494
Dr. Amal Robay

Research Compliance Team

Dowser Alani, M.Sc, CHRC, CIP
Research Compliance Officer
+974 4492 8938
Dowser Alani

Tina Ruth Gonsalves, DDS, M.S.
Research Compliance Coordinator
+974 4492 8404
Tina Ruth Gonsalves

IRB Team

Manju Varghese, M.Pharm, CIP
Manager, Institutional Review Board
+974 4492 8960
Manju Varghese

Diane Makled, B.Pharm, M.Sc, CIP
IRB Specialist
+974 4492 8468
Diane Makled

Wafaa Sekkal Gherbi, CIP
Administrative Assistant, IRB
+974 4492 8476
Wafaa Sekkal Gherbi