Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research is the area of research that studies the properties of stem cells and their potential use in medicine. As stem cells are the source of all tissues, understanding their properties helps in understanding of the healthy and diseased body's development and homeostasis.

All WCM-Q investigators who intend to perform research involving human embryonic stem cells must submit notification to the Tri-Institutional ESCRO Committee, which performs ethical and scientific reviews of all research involving the derivation and research use of embryos, human embryonic stem cells and certain activities involving non-embryonic stem cells, human neural stem cells, and human gametes. 

For more information please contact the Tri-Institutional ESCRO at

Or visit the website

This requirement applies to all research, regardless of the funding sources. 

All research projects conducted in Qatar proposing the use of stem cells must abide by MoPH’s guidance for research involving human stem cells, germ cells, and cells obtained from cord blood. If the research qualifies as human subjects research this will also require IRB review.
All proposed stem cell transplant in human subjects, reviewed and approved by Institutional Review Boards (IRBs), must obtain approval by the Qatar Ministry of Public Health’s Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee prior to initiation of the studies. For more information on please visit

Please contact the IRB office at for any questions.