Stroke study or CORTIAS

Principal Investigators: 
Prof. Rayaz Malik (Professor of Medicine & Senior Consultant of the WCM-Q & HMC)
Dr. Atlantic D'souza (Consultant Neurologists at HMC)

Dr. Adnan Khan (Post Doctoral Associate in Medicine)
Mr. Georgios Ponirakis (Clinical Researcher) 
Dr. Naveed Akhtar (Consultant Neurologists)
Dr. Ioannis Petropoulos (Post Doctoral Associate in Medicine)
Dr Dirk Deleu (Senior Consultant and Head of Neurology & Neurophysiology)
Dr Yahia Imam (Consultant Neurologists) 
Dr Khalid Salem (Consultant Neuroradiologist)
Dr Salim Kalynly (Consultant Radiologist – Ultrasound)

Role of CORneal Confocal Microscopy in Triaging TIA and Minor Strokes (CORTIAS) Study

The main risk factors for stroke in Qatar are hypertension (73.7%), diabetes (66.8%) and hypercholesterolemia (52.5%). To identify those patients with TIA/minor stroke who are at highest short term risk of acute ischemic stroke or disease progression using Corneal Confocal microscopy (CCM). This will be a prospective pilot proof of concept study in two cohorts of patients admitted to HMC with a diagnosis of minor ischemic stroke and TIAs. One cohort will contain patients with TIA or minor stroke (NIHSS < 4 ) and the other will be age-matched controls. We would like to show for the first time that CCM and stroke are related and if our hypothesis is correct we will be able to accurately and reproducibly predict those patients at high risk of progression to a major stroke.