Histology Core

The Histology core provides services to the research community, primarily to WCM-Q researchers. The core services also support the collaborative research with other biomedical institutes in Qatar. The core has well trained staff to carry out the different services provided.

Services Provided:
  • Sample preparation, and embedding of tissues for both paraffin and Cryoembedding.
  • Sectioning of samples (both paraffin sectioning and cryosectioning).
  • Staining with various histological stains (e.g. Hematoxylin and Eosin, Masson Trichrome, Giemsa staining of chromosome, etc.)
  • Immunohistochemical staining using autostainer (Dako). We also can provide regular immunohistochemistry. Staining can be performed for single antigen or co-staining for different antigens.
  • Luminex 200 for measurement of biomarkers.
Histology Equipment:
  • Leica Automated tissue processor (Leica ASP 200S)
  • Leica Tissue Embedder (Leica EG1150H, EG1150 C)
  • Leica Motorized Microtome (Leica RM2255)
  • Leica Cryostat (Leica CM 3050S)
  • Dako Autostainer Link-48
    The Dako autostainer performs automated immunohistochemistry with Dako reagents and custom antibodies. It also contains a hybridizer to carry out special stains such as FISH and CISH.
  • Ziess Axioskope with MRC5 CCD digital Camera and image capture software
  • Palm Micro Beam Zeiss with Axio Observer with Axia cam MRm Microscope
    The Palm system is a motorized Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) system. It can be used to isolate a specific region of the tissue section or cells in culture plate for further analysis such as DNA, RNA or protein isolation.
  • Luminex 200 (Life Technologies)
    This is a flexible analyzer able to simultaneously measure up to 100 analytes in a single microplate well. It requires small sample size. Bioassay can be performed in different formats such as: nucleic acid assays, receptor ligand assays, immunoassays and enzymatic assays.

Nasrin Mesaeli, PhD
Director of Molecules, Genes and Cells Course
Director of Histology Core
Associate Professor Biochemistry
Tel: +974 4492 8327
Fax: +974 4492 8422
E-mail: nam2033@qatar-med.cornell.edu

Divya Viswanathan
Research Specialist
Office Phone: 4492-8950
E-mail: div2006@qatar-med.cornell.edu

Remy Thomas
Research Specialist
E-mail: ret2007@qatar-med.cornell.edu

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