The Student Research Association at WCM-Q is a student-run organization which aims to promote and celebrate student research.

Goals of the Association

  • To create a unique research culture among students at WCM-Q
  • To promote scientific discussion, familiarize and attract students to the research program at WCM-Q
  • To encourage collaborative research work between faculty and students

We hope to achieve the above aims by

  • Assisting interested students to find research placements at WCM-Q
  • Holding regular journal clubs, meetings and research seminars that promote the research at WCM-Q
  • Conducting outreach events to inform high school students about the research program at WCM-Q

Nayef Mazloum, PhD
Dana Al Majid
Zaid Shahrori

Communication coordinator

Cleo Zarina Reyes
Krishnadev Pillai
Sharan Yadav

Events Coordinator

Zain Burney
Gowrii Ganesan
Nahel Tunio

Senior Student Advisor

Tina Bharani

Senior Student Advisor