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Administration Team

Khaled Machaca, PhD
Associate Dean for Research

Dianna Marsh
Director of Research Administration

Diana Jubeily, MPH
Program and Events Coordinator

Katrina Talucod
Administrative Officer

Research Integrity Team

Cheryl L. Talaber
Director, Research Integrity

Dowser Alani
Research Integrity Coordinator

Grace Aranki
Research Integrity Asssistant

Joint Institutional Review Board (JIRB) Team

May Al Kassar
Joint IRB Manager

Manju Varguese
Joint IRB Coordinator

Yasmin Metwalli
Joint IRB Coordinator

Diana Makled
Joint IRB Coordinator

Lab Team

Darrell Thomson
Assistant Director of Lab Operations

Harald Moubarak
Laboratory Manager

Ameena Abdul Rahim
Research Lab Assistant

Fathma Abdu Shukkur
Administrative Secretary

Lamis Mammu
Administrative Secretary

Grants Team

Darius Walker, PhD
Associate Director, Contracts & Grants

Tembela Eweje
Senior Research Analyst

Allan Abias
Research Analyst

Shafnas Kutty
Research Coordinator

Operations Team

Catherine Williammee
Associate Director of Research Operations

Andrew Bliszczyk
Senior Research Analyst

Corinne Ghosn
Senior Research Analyst

Muhammad Haseeb
Research Analyst

Rahul Chandran
Research Analyst

Fatima Fakhroo
Research Coordinator

Jacqueline Keelor
Research Coordinator

Mohammad Kamran Arif
SAP Business Analyst

Training Team

Yassir Hussain
Research Training and Outreach Manager

Shaikha Al Qahtani
Senior Research Training Specialist

Christy Poppe
Research Training Assistant

Rouda Al-Qahtani
Research Training Secretary

Phone: +974-4492-8402
Fax: +974-4492-8422

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