Diabetic Neuropathy

Principal Investigator:
Prof. Rayaz Malik (Professor of Medicine & Senior Consultant of the WCM-Q)

Mr. Georgios Ponirakis (Clinical Researcher)
Dr. Tarik Elhadd (Endocrinologist)
Ms Subitha Chinnaiyan (Nurse in Diabetic Foot clinic)
Dr. Khaled Ali E Ashawesh (Endocrinologist)
Dr Khaled Mansur O Dukhan (Endocrinologist)
Dr Stephen Frederick Beer (Endocrinologist)
Dr. Abdul Hakeem Hamza (Endocrinologist)
Dr. Mohammed Ali (Endocrinologist)
Dr Sanaulla Sheik (Endocrinologist)
Dr. Mohamed Shaheen Annodiyil (Endocrinologist)
Dr. Mohamed Elnaggar (Endocrinologist)
Dr. Mohamed Ghallab (Endocrinologist)
Dr. Adnan Khan (Post Doctoral Associate in Medicine)
Dr. Ioannis Petropoulos (Post Doctoral Associate in Medicine)

The current screening health system in Qatar lacks a measurement for neuropathy in people with diabetes in the primary and secondary care. Yet the consequences of neuropathy in the form of foot ulceration and amputation are highly prevalent in the Qatari population with diabetes. This underlines the need to perform a community-based study to identify the prevalence of asymptomatic DPN and painful DPN and high risk diabetic foot in Qatar. We anticipate the results of this study will identify the scope of the problem and help develop public health strategies for prevention of DPN in Qatar.