Early Neuropathy Assessment Group

Rayaz Malik MBChB, PhD

Principle Investigator
Professor of Medicine

Georgios Ponirakis BSc. MSc. MPhil.
Clinical Researcher in Medicine

Adnan Khan Cert. Ophth. PhD.
Post Doctoral Associate in Medicine

Ioannis Petropoulos BSc. MSc. PhD
Post Doctoral Associate in Medicine


The Early Neuropathy Assessment (ENA) is a group of clinician-scientists lead by Professor Rayaz Malik, based in the Research Division, Weill Cornell Medicine. The ENA group have pioneered the use of in vivo corneal confocal microscopy (CCM) as a rapid, non-invasive ophthalmic instrument to monitor damage and repair of corneal (sub-basal) nerves and act as a surrogate endpoint in diabetic and other peripheral neuropathies. The group have also developed ACCMetrics, a fully automated image analysis software allowing rapid and objective quantification of corneal nerve fibre morphology.