Team Members

Ravinder Mamtani, MD, MSc, FACPM, FACOEM, FACLM
Professor of Population Health Sciences
Professor of Medicine (Center for Global Health)
Vice Dean for Population Health and Lifestyle Medicine
+974 4492 8368
Ravinder Mamtani

Sohaila Cheema, MBBS, MPH, CPH, Dip IBLM
Associate Professor of Clinical Population Health Sciences
Assistant Dean for the Institute for Population Health
+974 4492 8503
Sohaila Cheema

Karima Chaabna, BSc, MSc, PhD
Instructor in Population Health Sciences
Acting Manager, Population Health Research
+974 4492 8309
Karima Chaabna

Amit Abraham, MD, MPH
Instructor in Population Health Sciences
Projects Specialist
+974 4492 8528
Amit Abraham

Raji Anand, MBA
Senior Administration Manager
+974 4492 8389
Raji Anand

Yasmeen Kalverts, BBA
Administrative Coordinator
+974 4492 8515
Yasmeen Kalverts

Samaah Shams Chalil, BTech, MBA
Administrative Coordinator
+974 4492 8530
Samaah Shams Chalil

Anupama Jithesh, MSc, RD (UK)
Projects Coordinator
+974 4492 8437
Anupama Jithesh

Maha Elnashar, MA
Director, Center for Cultural Competence in Health Care
+974 4492 8344
Maha Elnashar

Huda Abdelrahim, MA
Senior Specialist, Cultural Competence
+974 4492 8365
Huda Abdelrahim

Ziyad Mahfoud, PhD
Professor of Research in Population Health Sciences
Director of Health Quantitative Sciences
+974 4492 8382
Ziyad Mahfoud