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The research program of the Institute for Population Health (IPH) adheres to and advocates for a robustly evidence-based approach to population health, both in the State of Qatar and in the wider region.

Research topics in which IPH has been - or continues to be - active include: migrant health, diabetes, obesity, lifestyle factors associated to health and disease, relevant infectious diseases, cultural competence, social determinants of health and disease, and capacity building in the healthcare professions.

Utilizing various methodologies and diverse analytical tools, IPH conducts rigorous population-based health-related research with the ultimate aim of producing reliable data which is beneficial to policymakers, clinicians, educators and researchers. The institute's research: a) bridges the gap relevant to public health and epidemiological data; b) addresses public health challenges, and; c) provides evidence-based recommendations to inform policy makers on a wide range of healthcare-related issues.