Population Health & Well-being Series

Globally, the healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving. Healthcare priorities are changing from curative care approaches to comprehensive, evidence-based integrative and preventive methods of disease and health management. Globally, the major health challenges faced by populations include the epidemic of chronic noncommunicable diseases, the rising dilemma of mental health issues, inequity in women's health outcomes, lack of access to basic healthcare in many communities, gaps in healthcare professionals’ education, and widening national and regional health disparities. The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused major societal and economic upheaval and at the same time exposed the cracks in our health systems. Additionally, a wide range of societal and environmental factors continue to negatively impact behaviors of individuals and their lifestyles. It is time for healthcare professionals to focus on the overarching goal of better and optimum health for all the world's citizens and universal health coverage.

Adopting a population health perspective, which utilizes multidisciplinary and intersectoral partnerships and focuses on collaboration with government/s, academia, public health institutions, research entities and relevant industries to achieve positive health outcomes, would be a step in the right direction. Healthcare professionals must learn from each other to address health challenges at both local and global levels to achieve health for all, ultimately leading to sustainable development of societies globally. This series will facilitate capacity building and lifelong learning among healthcare professionals, foster constructive discussion and exchange of ideas across intersectoral disciplines with a view to promoting health, resulting in positive population health outcomes.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss contemporary and critical topics relevant to healthcare, medicine and population health. 
  • Examine evidence-based practices germane to public health and patient care. 
  • Describe opportunities and challenges in the evolving face of healthcare and population health.

Target Audience

Physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, allied health practitioners, students, researchers, educators and administrators. 


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