We are forward thinking and are flexible and adaptive to the changes in our environment

WCM-Q’s Expectations
Change is a constant in all organizations and this is particularly relevant to WCM-Q as we are moving from start up to operational phase. We are all required to think ahead and be adaptive to changes and help continue to build and nurture ‘excellence’.

We keep up to date with changes in our own fields of expertise. Each of us is expected to be proactive and to look ahead, making preparations for the implementation of changes that are necessary to build and nurture ‘excellence’.

Vision is the ability to see beyond today, its frustrations and challenges, and envision a day when today’s efforts yield a higher level of excellence, thereby continuing the legacy of an institution built over the course of more than a hundred years. Achieving this requires commitment and compassion for the greater good of WCM-Q and the Qatar Foundation, and for the Cornell and Weill Cornell names, serving as custodians of their combined legacy. It is not about individual power, but total humble commitment to the mission by each and every one of us. Shared vision occurs with each member of the organization taking on a leadership role, by being an example for newcomers, and showing humility and devotion to service regardless of what position we hold.


We embrace change, and use it to our advantage

WCM-Q’s Expectations
Change is necessary for WCM-Q to remain at the forefront of medical teaching, research, and health care. It is essential that we all remain flexible and actively practice ‘change management’ in pursuit of the college’s goals.

Each of us must view change positively and implement changes with professional integrity, as change is a natural part of the evolution of any organization and necessary for the growth and development of the college. We accept change as necessary in the development of our own roles and the improvement of service delivery/divisions.

Personal Mindset to help achieve Vision

  • I will achieve compliance with a shared vision by living out what I expect others to do and develop relationships where trust and respect is achieved.
  • I will get others to buy into our organizational vision if I humble myself to serve others and earn their trust and respect.
  • Vision and purpose need to be regularly restated to keep me moving in the right direction

Comments that might describe an “expert/role model”:
“Actively seeks to learn more about his/her role and how it fits with the college’s mission and vision.”

“Accepts change as part of life and actively seeks opportunities to make the changes in the workplace work for himself/herself and colleagues.”