We are committed to serving the needs and preferences of our students, faculty, staff, and patients.

WCM-Q’s Expectations 

Personal Commitment:
"My job is to help others in their efforts to enable the college to deliver its mission."

Demonstrated by:
  • Making every interaction a positive one
  • Greeting people with a smile, even when answering the phone
  • Always delivering what is promised; communicating reasons for non-delivery
  • Dealing with complaints or requests promptly without feeling defensive
  • Showing that you care about the person you’re dealing with by actively listening to what they are saying
  • Significant improvements in student service or enhanced student satisfaction
  • Significant improvements in a work process or system, or significantly increasing the efficiency of an operation or unit
  • Demonstrated performance at a level far above and beyond normal expectations
  • Initiative or creativity in performing assigned duties
  • Overall performance reflects a high level of service, trustworthiness and respect

We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers with every interaction.

WCM-Q’s Expectations

Personal Commitment:
"I anticipate the needs of others and do my best to make their jobs easier."

Demonstrated by:
  • Listening to what is being asked of you and, where appropriate, making suggestions to improve the outcome
  • Being helpful all of the time, even if there is no immediate benefit to you
  • Identifying opportunities to improve procedures
  • Taking ownership of a question and finding out the answer, even if it’s not immediately in your role and responsibilities
  • Anticipating and finding solutions to problems before they arise


  • Continuous contribution to the effective delivery of services throughout the campus community.
  • Demonstrated exceptional ability to foster collaboration, communication, and cooperation among colleagues and members of the campus community
  • Shares best practices with colleagues throughout the college, reducing costs, increasing efficiency or improving services
  • Support of campus or college-wide initiatives and/or involvement in or performance of community service
Comments that might describe an "expert/role model":

"This person provides outstanding service to both internal and external customers."

"Responds to customer inquiries in an exemplary, timely and courteous manner, solves problems or concerns quickly and effectively."

"Identifies opportunities for improvement, and implements actions that enhance the way we do business."