We take ownership of our work and maintain the highest personal standards.
WCM-Q’s Expectations:

We clearly define mutual expectations of self and others.
We take appropriate actions to ensure obligations are met.
We take ownership of our responsibilities and pride in doing our best to fulfill those responsibilities.
We hold ourselves, and each other, accountable for the delivery of results for which we are responsible.
We apply the same standards and enthusiasm in our work as we would in our personal endeavors.

  • Asks questions and provides feedback in an effort to clarify mutual expectations.
  • Monitors and provides feedback on individual and team performance against defined standards.
  • Seeks advice on tasks and responsibilities when needed.


We are results-oriented and evidence-based in our approach.
WCM-Q’s Expectations:

We revise goals in response to change.
We accept the consequences of our mistakes, take appropriate actions to minimize the impact, and ensure that the mistakes do not recur.
We provide regular feedback and suggest alternative approaches necessary to ensure that organizational objectives and superior standards are achieved.

  • Confirms assumptions about mutual expectations and clarifies standards of performance.
  • Clarifies the scope of responsibilities of self and others.
  • Monitors day-to-day personal performance and takes corrective action when needed to ensure desired performance is achieved.
  • Monitors performance trends and identifies opportunities to improve standards.

Comments that might describe an "expert/role model":
"Takes ownership of actions, seeks out new opportunities and positive solutions."
"Can always be counted on to successfully complete tasks and obligations."