International Hires

Application Process
All applications for open positions should be made via our Career Opportunities webpage.

Once you have completed the online application process you will receive a confirmation email stating your application has been received. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Shortlisted Applicants
If shortlisted, a member of the Employment Services Team will contact you to discuss the selection process.

Initial interviews are conducted using Skype, telephone, video conference or a combination of all of these. If shortlisted to the final stages you may be asked to travel to Qatar for final interviews.

Final Interviews – In Qatar
If you are invited to Qatar for a visit, an itinerary will be arranged by the Employment Services Team to include the following:

  • Interviews
  • Benefits Meeting
  • Mobilization/Immigration Meeting
  • City Tour
  • Housing Tour
  • School Tour (if applicable)

Offer of Employment
A verbal offer of employment will be made followed by an email outlining the terms of the offer. All offers of employment are contingent upon verification of education and satisfactory employment references, and completion of all immigration requirements.

Background Check
Background and reference checks will be made on behalf of WCM-Q by a background screening vendor. Human Resources division will provide the necessary information and will coordinate this process with you.

All non-Qataris who wish to reside and work in Qatar must obtain a valid Residency Permit (RP). To begin this process WCM-Q need to apply for a permanent visa for you and family permanent visa for any relocating family members (spouse and/or children). 

Document requirements for application of permanent visa:

  • Copy of your passport – validity at least 6-months
  • Copy of your attested highest degree certificate, academic transcripts and verification letter from University

There are three steps to attesting your highest degree:

  1. The university/college of issue
  2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of country where document was issued
  3. The embassy of Qatar in country where document was issued

Additional documents required for relocating family members:

  • Copies of passports – validity at least 6 months
  • Copy of marriage certificate
  • Copy of birth certificate of children (if applicable)

Note: For other family status, additional documents will be advised accordingly

Additional Requirements
When you travel to Qatar you will also need to bring the following, for yourself and relocating family members:

  • Police Clearance Certificate (see section below for further details)
  • A minimum of 6 passport photos on a non -white background (preferably blue or red background)
  • A document showing blood type / group
  • Original home country driving license for you and dependent, if applicable

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
You will need to bring an attested Police Clearance Certificate with you when you travel to Doha to complete the residency process. There are 3 steps to this process:

  1. Obtain PCC from home country (country of passport)
  2. PCC to be attested either by State Department or Ministry of Foreign Affairs or equivalent in home country.
  3. PCC to be attested by the Qatari Embassy in home country.

Employment Agreement
Once the permanent visa has been issued and the background check completed and approved, a start date can be agreed and your Employment Agreement will be sent to you for signature.

Relocation Arrangements
Once the Employment Agreement is signed and returned to HR, the Employment Services Team will be responsible for coordinating the final stage of your relocation to Qatar which includes the following:

  • Sending your visa
  • Flight arrangements
  • Airport pick up in Qatar
  • Shipping (as per WCM-Q policy guidelines)

Arrival in Qatar
On arrival at Hamad International Airport you will be met by a representative of the Al-Maha greeting service who will assist you with the immigration requirements and collect your luggage. A WCM-Q driver will take you to your accommodation.

Your accommodation will be fully furnished and you will be provided with:

  • Basic furnishings e.g. bed linen, basic appliances, kitchen utensils
  • Basic groceries
  • A mobile phone (for temporary use until you can purchase your own)
  • A WCM-Q Welcome Pack containing information about your first day at the college

For your first five working days in Qatar, WCM-Q will provide you with a driver to take you to and from the college. The pick up time of your driver for your first day will be detailed in the welcome pack left in your accommodation.

On your first day you will meet with a member of the Employment Services Team to complete required paperwork and discuss WCM-Q policies and procedures. Immigration requirements will also be discussed with you on your first day (see section below on "Residency Permit Process").

Meetings with other divisions in the college (e.g. Finance, Housing, ITS) will be scheduled throughout the first week and your Manager will arrange for orientation within your new work division.

WCM-Q also has a mandatory one-day orientation program which all new employees are required to attend.

Residency Permit (RP) Process
The RP process has three components as listed below. The Immigration Team will arrange all the necessary appointments and a WCM-Q representative will accompany you and your family members.

Step one – Medical test: The Qatar government requires blood screening for HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and a chest X-ray to screen for TB. Children under the age of 10 are exempt from the medical testing.

Step two - Fingerprinting: On successful completion of the medical test you will be taken to have your fingerprints recorded at CID.

Step three – Qatar Residence Card Issuance: Once we receive approval from CID, your Qatar Residence Card will be issued shortly after.

Note: The residency process varies if you are relocating with family members and this will have been discussed with you prior to your arrival.