Mission Driven

We are guided by our goals of excellence in medical and scientific education, health care delivery and biomedical research.

WCM-Q’s Expectations
We set ourselves goals that will result in the college providing ‘excellent’ or leading medical/scientific teaching, ‘excellent’ or leading biomedical research and where applicable ‘excellent’ or leading health care.

We support the tripartite mission of teaching, discovery and applications of biomedical knowledge by being committed to creating and fostering an environment that attracts, nurtures and retains the outstanding faculty, staff and students who are committed to our mission.

We choose to work at WCM-Q because we want to make the world a better place. We believe wholeheartedly in, and want to contribute to:

  • Producing the finest doctors in the world
  • Delivering the best possible health care to patients
  • Being at the cutting edge of biomedical research

We have professional commitment and loyalty to our organization

WCM-Q’s Expectations
We display professional commitment at all times and remain loyal to the organization. We believe that upholding the organizational mission and vision supersedes the self-promotion or self-interest of any individual unit or person. We are committed to promoting and representing the best image of the organization, both internally and externally. We are always mindful of our actions to ensure that they reflect our commitment and loyalty to the organization and its mission. Because of how we behave, people look at us and say: “I too want to work for Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar”. We take pride in saying “I work for Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar”.

Personal Mindset to help achieve Mission:
  • In all my work, even the mundane tasks, I have to continue to remind myself I am here to make this a better institution for the greater good of WCM-Q and Qatar.
  • It is not about my division, or me, but commitment to what is best for the organization.

Comments that might describe an “expert/role model”:
“Always speaks positively about the college and the division.” “Loyal and committed to WCM-Q, never allows anyone to speak negatively.” “Believes wholeheartedly in what the college does, and is enthusiastic about his/her role in helping deliver the mission.”