General Information and Practicalities

Exit Permit
On completion of the RP process, WCM-Q can arrange a multiple exit permit for all sponsored employees.

Driver's License
Many newcomers can drive using the driving license of their home country for up to 15 days. After that, it is necessary to apply for a temporary, and ultimately permanent, Qatari license.

There are some countries whose licenses can be converted to local Qatari licenses without a driving test. You will, however, need an eye test. A representative of the Human Resources division will make the arrangements and accompany you to the test at the Traffic Department. Once your RP is complete, an HR Immigration Specialist will request the return of your temporary driving license and replace it with a permanent driving license.

If your driving license is not from one of the recognized countries, you will have to register with a local driving school to apply for a temporary driving license, and pass a driving test before obtaining a permanent driving license. Your HR Representative can provide further details.

Medical Card
All RP holders will be entitled to a Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) Health Card. WCM-Q Human Resources immigration section will submit an application on your behalf. This card should be produced whenever you seek medical services at the HMC Centers in Qatar. This card cannot be used in private clinics or hospitals however private health cover options are available as part of the benefits package.

You might want to consult an international tax expert before you leave your home country to ensure that all your paperwork is in order regarding any potential tax liability. For American citizen and Green Card holders, we will put you in touch with an international tax expert for a one-time confidential assessment.

Bank Account in Qatar
We will send you a list of the main local banks in Qatar for your review. You will require a Salary Certificate letter in order to open a bank account in Qatar, which will be provided by the Human Resources division once you have selected a bank.

It is advisable to maintain a bank account outside of Qatar.

Relocation Allowance
Eligible employees will receive a relocation allowance on arrival in Qatar. The allowance is to cover routine deposits and the purchase of incidentals.

The Housing division can provide information on rental vehicles.

Once you receive your RP you will be able to purchase a car and register it under your own name. There are several options for new or used cars in Qatar. HR will assist you with the necessary employment confirmation letters.

Schooling in Qatar is in very high demand and it is not always possible to have your first choice immediately. The Employment Services Team at WCM-Q can arrange to send you a list of schools prior to your visit and can arrange the School Tours. The schools in Qatar offer various curriculums including, American, British & International Baccalaureate.

Internet ADSL
Installing ADSL is the responsibility of the individual. Once you have your RP the Housing division will be able to assist you with setting up your ADSL service through Ooredoo.

Certain medications may be prohibited, or not available in Qatar. If you are taking prescription medication you should arrange to bring a minimum 90-day supply of medication with you, as well as a prescription and a letter from your doctor. If you are taking specific medications we advise you contact your nearest Qatar Embassy for further guidance.

Security Information

Please follow the links below for information about security & residing abroad: