We measure our individual success by the success of our overall work group.
WCM-Q’s Expectations:

We actively solicit ideas and opinions from others to quickly accomplish specific objectives targeted at defined business outcomes. We openly encourage other team members to voice their ideas and concerns.

We engage the “right people,” despite location or functional specialty in the team, by matching individual capabilities and skills to the team’s goals. We work with a wide range of teams and readily share lessons learned.

We participate willingly by supporting team decisions, assisting other team members, and doing our share of the work to meet goals and deadlines

Personal Commitment:
"I recognize the contributions of others to my individual success; I put my personal preferences aside in favor of the needs of the team."

Demonstrated by:
  • Using "we" and "us" when thinking and talking about the success of the unit/division/college, rather than "I" and "me".
  • Asking myself what I can do for the team, rather than what the team can do for me.
  • Utilizing strengths of team members to achieve optimal performance.


We are committed to demonstrating courtesy, kindness and respect to our co-workers.
WCM-Q’s Expectations:

We consistently foster collaboration and respect among team members by addressing elements of the group process that impedes, or could impede, the group from reaching its goal.

We collaborate with other members of formal and informal groups in the pursuit of common missions, vision, values, and mutual goals.

We place team needs and priorities above personal needs.

We involve others in making decisions that affect them.

We draw on the strengths of colleagues and give credit to others' contributions and achievements.

We show respect for differences and diversity and disagree without personalizing issues.

Personal Commitment: 

"I treat others the way I want to be treated."

Demonstrated by:
  • Supporting and trusting your teammates, both in private and public
  • Speaking positively about the college/unit/colleagues at all times
  • Actively seeking opportunities to praise coworkers
  • WCM-Q recognition opportunities:
    • Pass on the praise – making sure that positive remarks are passed on to the individual as soon as possible, and copying in their supervisor
    • College-wide competitions for teams linked to Shared Values (e.g., "best quote of the month"; "poster of the month") 
  • Informs other team members about client-related decisions, group processes, individual actions, or influencing events.
  • Without waiting to be asked, constructively expresses own point of view or concerns, even when it may be unpopular.
Comments that might describe an "expert/role model":

"Collaboration could be his/her middle name."
"Happy to pitch in, and strives to create a win-win situation."