We seek continuous improvement and always strive for superior performance.
WCM-Q’s Expectations:

How can I/we do what we do, better than the way we do it now?
What can I/we do to make WCM-Q better than other organizations?
How can I/we do the same thing that others do, better than others do it?

  • Regular displays of good judgment, independent thinking, and initiative; leading to work that is above and beyond performance expectations.
  • Demonstrates willingness to continuous self-development and a desire to learn new approaches to delivering efficient/effective services to campus customers, both internal and external.
  • Displays a sense of responsibility for his/her actions.
We strive to advance the reputation of WCM-Q as the leader in the field, and are committed to upholding standards of excellence that support our reputation.
WCM-Q’s Expectations:
How has what I/we do contributed to enhancing the reputation of WCM-Q?
What else can I/we do that will add to that reputation of excellence?
Is there an opportunity to do something that no one else has thought of doing so that WCM-Q will be the first?
Is there an opportunity to learn from what others have done and do it better or apply the same principle in a different way?

  • Contributes and demonstrates commitment to the university's mission and core values.
  • Is a constant role model and an inspiration to all members of the college community, students, faculty, staff, visitors and business and community partners.
  • As a member of the college’s community of global citizens, conveys, through interactions with the campus community, a dedication to excellence, service opportunity.
  • Through self-assessment and educational outreach, continues to master new innovations and approaches for meaningful integration with the campus community.
  • Continuously demonstrates “value-added” performance through participation in college initiatives.
Comments that might describe an “expert/role model”:

“Innovative, attentive to detail and always positive.”
“Consistently goes the extra mile; has a forward-thinking, solution-oriented approach to problems; praised for diligence and congeniality.”
“Performs above and beyond what is expected.”
“Attitude, customer service, initiative, and leadership are among the traits demonstrated.”
“Dedication and hard work are a part of his/her nature and he/she gives of his/her time and effort to see that projects are successful and deadlines met.”