Principles of Biochemistry - BIOMG 3350

Moncef Ladjimi, PhD, Professor of Biochemistry

Spring - 4 Credits

Prerequisite: D grade or better in BIOG 1102, CHEM 3570 and CHEM 3580 (although C grade or better is strongly recommended or permission of instructor of record. CHEM 3580 may be taken concurrently with BIOMG 3350).

Comprehensive introduction to biologically important molecules, polymers and metabolism. Topics include protein structure and function, enzyme catalysis and regulation, DNA and RNA structure, DNA replication, repair and transcription, protein synthesis, modern DNA technologies, gene expression and regulation and metabolic pathways and their control.

After taking BIOMG 3350, students should be able to:

Outcome 1: Discuss and/or describe in writing the structure and function of biologically important macromolecules, general catalytic and regulatory mechanisms of enzymes, bioenergetics, mechanisms underlying gene expression (transcription), protein synthesis (translation), DNA replication, DNA repair, and DNA recombination, organization and regulation of metabolic pathways.

Outcome 2: Think analytically and use quantitative reasoning to solve biochemical problems.

Outcome 3: Formulate conclusions based on the analysis of biochemical experimental results.

Outcome 4: Correlate biochemical aspects with clinical aspects based on journal club sessions describing the biochemistry of related diseases.