Learning Enrichment Office

The Learning Enrichment Office supports the enrichment of students’ learning in the medical curriculum by providing avenues by which students can receive additional content learning support through a tailored personalized review or enhancement of knowledge sessions with faculty, teaching specialists or near-peer student colleagues.

Opportunities for learning enrichment are available to students who wish to enhance or deepen their knowledge or for students who may have encountered academic difficulties. Students may request these services directly through the Learning Enrichment Office or by contacting unit leaders, course/clerkship directors, or the Office of Student Affairs. Participation is confidential and has no adverse effects on a student’s record. WCM-Q also provides referral as appropriate for academic or other concerns that may impact performance.

For more information, please contact leo@qatar-med.cornell.edu

Teaching Specialists

Teaching specialists are assigned to provide support to the 1st- and 2nd-year medical students in the Foundational Sciences curriculum. They provide regular course content reviews, practice quiz and USMLE sessions, and assist in the development of study plans for quizzes and USMLE exams. The teaching specialists are available to provide group or one-to-one tutorial support. Students may be referred to the teaching specialists or may request their services directly.

Simeon Andrews, PhD
Teaching Specialist
+974 4492 8912
Simeon Andrews

Sahar Mohamed, PhD, MSc, MBChB
Teaching Specialist
+974 4492 8399
Sahar Mohamed