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Office of Educational Development

The Office of Educational Development (OED) oversees the cross-functional areas of program evaluation, assessment, and continuous quality improvement. Working with the medical education leadership, OED promotes improvements in the delivery of the medical curriculum and supports the curriculum committees in evaluating educational outcomes.

Key Functions

Oversees and reviews all programmatic evaluation and educational assessment activities and collaborates with faculty and staff to improve these activities. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Gathering feedback from faculty, staff, and students for continuous quality improvement
  • Disseminating lessons learned through regular review of evaluation and assessment data
  • Developing tools for evaluating various program outcomes
  • Providing ongoing administrative support for evaluation and assessment activities
  • Developing and promoting standard operating procedures for curriculum evaluation
  • Assisting curriculum committees with educational measurement and evaluation
  • Providing psychometric expertise for test construction and academic research
  • Monitoring the alignment of accreditation standards with learners’ assessment and evaluation

For further information, please contact us at OED@qatar-med.cornell.edu

Team Members

Syed Latifi, MSc, MEd, PhD
Education Assessment Manager
+974 4492 8383
Syed Latifi

Mark Healy, MSc
Education Assessment Analyst
+974 4492 8394
Mark Healy

Meghan Pais, MA, PGD-HRM
Educational Development Coordinator
+974 4492 8363
Meghan Pais