Medical Education Mission

In alignment with the tripartite mission of Weill Cornell Medicine–Qatar, the Division of Medical Education aims to promote excellence in education, patient care and research. To this end, the mission is to:

  • Inspire and graduate a diverse, inclusive, and socially competent community of outstanding physicians dedicated to life-long learning and leadership in caring for patients and alleviating suffering;
  • Provide a robust foundation for our graduates that equips them with the knowledge and skills to enter graduate medical education, and allows them to succeed in any branch of medicine;
  • Contribute to biomedical and population-based research that addresses the needs of our local community and the region, and aligns with developments in global health;
  • Contribute to the advancement of the healthcare sector and the development of healthcare policies.

In pursuit of this mission, the Division of Medical Education works in close collaboration with: The Division of Student Affairs, which serves to support and enrich the holistic growth and development of our students; The Institute for Population Health, which seeks to advance healthcare in the State of Qatar through education, research and community care programs; The Division of Continuing Professional Development, which aims to provide high quality professional development opportunities for healthcare professionals, leading to improved healthcare for patients; and The Division of Research, which undertakes biomedical research at basic, translational and community levels, with the aim of tackling the most pressing health needs in Qatar and the region.