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Phase III

The fourth year curriculum offers a unique and rewarding experience. It allows students to enhance and complement their preceding medical education experience by completing the following requirements:

In addition, there is ample time for a variety of elective courses. Students will have the opportunity to take elective courses in Doha, New York City, and other locations in the United States and other overseas locations. Students will take rotations relating to their selected career path, but are also encouraged to broaden their experience and use electives to sample disciplines they will not be able to experience again once they move on to graduate training. Accumulating a broad and diverse set of experiences is the best preparation for delving into the depth of a chosen career.

In this final year of medical education students continue to sharpen their clinical skills as they face real-life medical situations in preparation for their upcoming residency training programs. In addition, the geographic location of the school and the cultural diversity of both the faculty and the students offer additional academic benefits. These enable the students to better understand and grasp the broader aspects of medical practice in this era of globalization and the evolving paradigm of healthcare.