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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees due must be paid directly to the Qatar Foundation Finance Department. For tuition payment and any queries, please contact QF on its email address: 

It is important to note that Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar (WCM-Q) neither issues invoices, nor collects tuition fees. However, it helps facilitate the payment process as requested by the Qatar Foundation (QF).

QF Finance will send tuition invoices and payment instructions to students directly by email around mid-October for the Fall semester and mid-February for the Spring semester. Students are required to pay tuition and fees due before the end of the invoiced semester.

Students enrolled in the Foundation, and the Premedical Programs will pay for all semesters of enrollment. Students in the medical program will pay tuition for eight full semesters (four academic years).However, students who exceed eight semesters of enrollment will still be required to pay relevant student fees for each additional semester in which they remain enrolled.

Tuition Fees for Withdrawals and Leave of Absence

Students who withdraw from WCM-Q or go on leave of absence will be charged tuition according to the below chart.

Withdrawal Date

Eligible Refund %

1stto 7thdayof the term

100% Refund

8th to 14thday of the term

90% Refund

15th to 28thdayof the term

80% Refund

29thto 35thday of the term

70% Refund

36thto 42nddayof the term

60% Refund

43rdto 49thdayof the term

50% Refund

50thto 56thday of the term

40% Refund

57thto 63rddayof the term

30% Refund

64thday of the term to the last day of theterm

0% Refund

The dates in the above chart are applicable in the case of refunding students who leave WCM-Q.

The count of days includes all weekdays, weekend days, and holidays that fall within the term.

Students who are on a medical/personal leave prior to the academic semester will not be charged applicable tuition for that semester.

Tuition Fees and Academic Hold

At the end of the semester, QF finance will inform the WCM-Q Registrar about tuition payment defaulted students and request to place their academic records on hold. Students on academic hold will not be able to register for the following semester, review their grade reports, get their transcripts, and/or receive their diplomas until they pay all the outstanding fees.

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