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Medical Curriculum

 Message from the Vice Dean for Academic and Curricular Affairs

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It is my pleasure to warmly welcome you to the medical curriculum at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (WCM-Q). The four-year medical curriculum is designed to follow on from the two-year pre-medical curriculum; together providing a comprehensive and cohesive program in line with WCM-Q’s mission to provide the finest education possible for medical students.

In September 2016, WCM-Q launched an innovative new curriculum which built on the successes of the previous curriculum and was guided by the key principles of enhancing the integration between the foundational sciences and clinical learning, and introducing students to patient care from day one of their studies. 

The curriculum is centered on the themes of the Scientific Basis of Medicine, Patient Care and Physicianship and is continuously adapted to make the best use of the ever-increasing array of high technology that is revolutionizing medical education. Students also participate in a longitudinal research experience which starts in the first year and concludes in the final year with an in-depth project conducted under the supervision of an experienced faculty member.

It is my honor to work with WCM-Q’s diverse and talented faculty, to oversee the medical education curriculum and work to ensure our graduates are responsive to the evolving healthcare needs of patients in Qatar, the US and worldwide. Whether you are a current or prospective student, a member of our faculty or staff, or someone interested in learning about our program, I invite you to explore our site and discover all that we have to offer.                               

Thurayya Arayssi, MD

Vice Dean for Academic and Curricular Affairs