Physiology and Physics - BioG 2010

Sean M. Holroyd, PhD, Associate Professor of Teaching in Physiology and Biophysics

Mohammad Yousef, PhD, Associate Professor of Physics

Ghizlane Bendriss, PhD, Lecturer in Biology

Fall - 4 Credits

Prerequisites: BIOG 1101, BIOG 1102, PHYS 2299  

This course is an integration of human physiology and the underlying physics concepts. It will develop on knowledge obtained in PHYS 2299 as well as that covered in BioG 2020. Lectures will cover basic physics concepts associated with physiology or medical application as well as the physiology underlying the human nervous, skeletomuscular and cardiovascular systems. Recitation sessions will support the lecture material with application of the principles covered. Practical classes will cover both the physics and physiological principles as they relate to the systems studied with an emphasis on application to medical practice. By the end of this course students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between physics, anatomy and physiological functions.