Mohammad Yousef, PhD

Mohammad Yousef
Associate Professor of Physics

 +974 4492 8210 


Florida State University, USA, 2002


Dr. Yousef holds a PhD in molecular biophysics from Florida State University and came to WCM-Q from Southern Illinois University Edwards, an institution he joined in 2011 and where he was an associate professor of physics. 

He is an experienced educator in teaching physics courses tailored to meet the needs of health science, pre-professional and biomedical physics programs.  

Dr. Yousef's areas of research are molecular and structural biophysics. More specifically, he elucidates and analyzes the 3D structure of proteins and protein/DNA. In his research, he uses x-ray crystallography, molecular biology, biochemistry, and computational methods. His main scholarship goal is to build an externally funded, rigorous research program, involving students. Dr. Yousef also has a master of science degree in Healthcare Informatics from Southern Illinois University. He currently pursues several lines of inquiry related to Big Data, environmental biophysics and medicine. 


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