Foundation of Ethics - S&TS 5051

Pablo Rodríguez del Pozo, M.D., Ph.D., J.D., Associate Professor of Medical Ethics in Medicine

Spring - 3 Credits

This course is aimed at introducing students to the moral dimension of medicine, preparing them for a medical practice that is scientific in its means but essentially moral in its goals and ends. The course fosters an artful approach to medicine, encouraging students to clarify and articulate their own values in the medical context. The format of the course is designed to promote deliberation and to help students develop analytical attitudes and skills.

S&TS 5051 has the format of a discussion seminar and relies on the reading of literary fiction and essays that illustrate how ethics blends into medicine and medical practice. The course explores one thematic area each week, from the nature of medical knowledge and its ethical repercussions, to the world of the patient and the experience of being a patient, to the family dynamics when someone becomes sick, to the world of the doctor and the hospital, to the relationship between the law and morality. Students are asked to write short weekly essays and a final research paper.

Note: In case of cross-registration, applicants will be screened/interviewed by the instructor.