Pablo Rodriguez del Pozo, MD, JD, PhD

Pablo Rodriguez del Pozo, MD, JD, PhD

Associate Professor of Medical
Ethics in Medicine
Associate Professor of Healthcare Policy
and Research

 (+974) 4492 8494


School of Law & Social Sciences, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina 1983

Medical School, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina 1986

Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, Spain 1992

Specialist in Legal and Forensic 
Medicine School of Legal Medicine
Universidad Complutense Madrid 1986-1988


Dr. Rodriguez del Pozo joined Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar (WCM-Q) in 2003. He has a strong focus on teaching medical ethics, mentoring, and carrying out research on medical ethics and education. Dr. del Pozo is in charge of the longitudinal curriculum in medical ethics, which is unique to WCM-Q. He teaches an introductory ethics course to pre-medical students, aimed at immerse undergraduates into the moral and humanistic dimension of medicine, by using fiction and essay with authors ranging from Franz Kafka to Edmund Pellegrino. Dr. del Pozo teaches Medical students a clinical ethics course that explores the main areas of moral conflict, including among others reproductive ethics, end-of life care ethics, and ethics of research with human subjects. These contents are complemented with a methodology for clinical ethics and weekly sessions of case-solving exercises. Dr. del Pozo directs a fourth-year medical program clerkship in medical ethics aimed at gaining understanding of ethics at the bedside with an emphasis on end-of-life and palliative care issues.

A native of Argentina, Dr. del Pozo has degrees in medicine, legal and forensic medicine, bioethics, and law. His Ph.D. dissertation at Universidad Carlos III of Madrid (Spain) was on the right to health care and the just delivery of health care to different segments of society. His current areas of research interest are education in medical ethics and the understanding of the cultural nuances that shape medical ethics at the bedside. Dr. del Pozo pursues further research on the broader common values that may promote a better cross-cultural dialogue towards a transcultural bioethics. Dr. del Pozo latest research is on the local impact of international standards for the protection of rights of persons with disabilities.

Selected Publications

  • Fins JJ, Rodríguez del Pozo P. The hidden and implicit curricula in cultural context: new insights from Doha and New York. Acad Med. 2011 Mar;86(3):321-325.
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