Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle & Self-Care

Lifestyle Medicine Week


The Institute for Population Health hosted its first Lifestyle Medicine Week in October 2018, to reinforce messages about leading healthy lives among Education City (EC) staff, faculty and students. The week-long event featured workshops and demonstrations designed to improve EC community members’ health and remind them of the need to make good lifestyle choices, addressing all the pillars of lifestyle medicine. 

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Healthy Nutrition Awareness


The Institute for Population Health (IPH) conducts awareness sessions on nutrition and the importance of healthy diets for the corporate sector, schools and the community. 

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Wellness Enhancement


IPH hosted a six-day, two-part immersion course that explored ways to enhance self-care, personal health and wellness. IPH invited The Wellness Enhancement Learning Course (TheWEL), a health and wellness organization based in Glasgow, Scotland, to Doha to help participants manage stress, nurture their own happiness and well being, practice self-compassion, and promote good physical health. Designed and delivered by Dr. David Reilly, an internationally recognized physician, academic and teacher, the course helps participants to understand and overcome the personal challenges they face in their day-to-day lives, helping them to cope more effectively and then flourish. The course takes a holistic view of wellness and also aims to empower people to make healthy lifestyle choices in terms of food, exercise and sleep, to manage their social relationships, and to find peace of mind through meditation and mindfulness practices. 

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Physical Activity Promotion at Teach for Qatar Summer Camp


IPH conducted four sessions on nutrition and physical activity in July 2015 at the Teach for Qatar Camp hosted at Awsaj Academy. Dr. Hekmat Alrouh delivered the sessions in Arabic. Dr. Amit Abraham, Ms. Sura A-Samraye and Ms. Raji Anand also participated in the activity. Over 100 boys aged 11 to 15 years from various independent schools in Qatar attended. The nutrition session covered learning how to read and examine nutrition labels on packaged foods using simple and easy to remember concepts. The physical activity session focused on the relationship between exercise and heart health, as well as general tips for exercising in a safe and appropriate manner. IPH received wonderful feedback from the organizers and camp facilitators. Students enjoyed the activities with a lot of engagement from both students and their facilitators.