Telehealth Communication: Achieving a Meaningful Virtual Connection

Code Type Sponsor
MEDC.8092 Clinical
  1. Stella Major, MD
Department Location
  1. Medical Education
  1. Online (Canvas and Zoom)
Max Students Prerequisites
  1. Interview w/ Sponsor
  2. One Month Cancellation Notice
  3. Medicine Clerkship


Learners:  Class of 2022 (M2)


Learning Objectives:

  1. Demonstrate best practices of telehealth communication in a simulated virtual setting.
  2. Identify barriers and opportunities for telehealth communication.
  3. Discuss ethical and legal considerations in the adoption of telemedicine.
  4. Recognize the opportunities of telemedicine prompted by COVID-19.


Supporting Faculty Members (from WCM-Q):

Stella Major

Reshma Bholah

Mo Elshazly

Sumeja Zahirovic

Grigory Ostrovskiy

Salman Al Jerdi


Collaborating Faculty from WCM NY:

Peter Greenwald

David Leyden

Neel Naik


Supporting CSSL Team Members:

Lan Sawan

Josh Vognsen

Christina Bernardo

Gemma Fabricante


Evaluation of Elective:

Successful completion of the elective is dependent on learners attending all synchronous activities (lectures, discussions, and simulated patient encounters) and upon completing assignments (written reflections and discussions).