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Pediatric Clerkship Support

The Pediatric Clerkship is a 6-week clinical rotation in Pediatrics that is required from medical students (M3 or M4) in order for them to graduate. The students spend 3 weeks in the inpatient service, one week in the outpatient service and one and half week participating in the pediatric Emergency Medicine Center and 3 days in the Newborn services. This is a hands-on experience whereby the students participate in the physical diagnosis and management of patients with varying pediatric illnesses as well as well child and adolescent care. All clinical activities are performed directly or indirectly under the supervision of at least one licensed pediatrician. The curriculum involves, in addition to the daily clinical rounds, clinical encounters in clinics and ER, attending deliveries, several interactive case based didactic lectures and tutorials, sit down rounds. The student assessment is based on the clinical performance evaluation, participation in tutorials, completed assignments, and a written exam (the NBME). The final grade is marginal/passing, high pass or honors.

For more information and a detailed description of the clerkship, please refer to the Pediatric Clerkship Syllabus.

Clerkship Director: Amal Khidir, MD

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