Student Events Resources

Submitting a student event request

All activities arranged by student clubs/organizations (clubs/orgs) must be registered and approved in advance. The current clubs/orgs can submit their online event request by clicking here.

Please take a note of the requirements for the type of event you are planning and be sure to provide us with as much detail as possible. This will help us support you with all the logistics needed for your event. Please note that you can also use the same form to reserve spaces for your club/org business meetings.


Organizing a charity event or seeking outside sponsorship

Clubs/orgs can seek sponsorship from an outside entity to support the funding of their events. Please review the below policy and guidelines before you start your planning process.

In addition, clubs/orgs can collaborate with local and approved charity organizations to conduct charity events.

Click here to find out more about the policies and guidelines for the sponsorship and charity events.


Film screening during your events

To ensure that we comply with all relevant copyright laws and regulations, all clubs/orgs are required and expected to follow the guidelines and procedures listed below for screening films during their approved student events. Please note that there are two separate procedures for film screenings, depending on whether the location of the screening is inside or outside the WCM-Q campus.

Click here for the guidelines and procedures for film screening inside WCM-Q. 

Click here for the guidelines and procedures for film screenings outside WCM-Q.