Financial Aid and Immigration

Financial Aid

Students and applicants who are citizens of the State of Qatar should contact the Scholarship Office of the Higher Education Institute (HEI) or Sidra Medical and Research Center (SIDRA) regarding procedures for funding their education.

If you are not a citizen of the State of Qatar, you may be eligible to receive need-based financial aid through Qatar Foundation in the form of a no-interest loan.

Once admitted to WCM-Q, students seeking financial aid should submit their application online. For updated information about financial aid deadlines and further information on how to apply, click here or contact Qatar Foundation directly at email:

Additionally, each year a limited number of merit scholarships are offered by the HBKU Scholarship Office to students based on top academic achievement alone. For more information about the scholarship please contact Ms. Samar Wahbi ( at the Office of the Registrar.


Due to national and university regulations there are specific requirements and documentation our students need in order to begin their studies at WCM-Q.

While the requirements for each student may be different depending on their nationality and country of origin, there are some basic documents that need to be submitted to WCM-Q Financial Aid & Immigration Specialist, Ms. Samar Wahbi, by all students:

  1. A color photocopy of your passport (valid at least for six months from date of entry). If you have dual citizenship, be sure to provide a color copy of both passports. 
    Note: Students who reside in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries need to present a copy of the Residence Permit page.
  2. Six passport-size photos with white background.
  3. Six passport-size photos without white background (any other color).
  4. Certificate of your blood type.

Exit Permits

As per Qatar national immigration policy, all sponsored international students holding a valid Residence Permit are required to obtain an Exit Permit in order to leave Qatar for any amount of time. All international students attending WCM-Q are sponsored by Qatar Foundation (QF) and must obtain a document (Exit Permit) stating that your sponsor has no objection to you leaving the country. This includes at times of academic breaks, end of term, summer breaks, and weekend trips. In other words, whenever sponsored students want to leave the State of Qatar for any amount of time they must apply for and be granted an Exit Permit.

It is important to note that typical objections are related to pending or unresolved financial matters such as payment of tuition and housing fees.

Steps to Apply for an Exit Permit:

  1. Make sure you have a zero balance of your housing & tuition fees.
  2. Submit the exit request via (
  3. ***IMPORTANT: Forms must be submitted at least 10 days prior to travel date to allow for time to process your request.

No Objection Letter

Those sponsored by Qatar Foundation will always need a "No Objection Letter" when:

  1. Requesting a visa for personal reasons (tourist visa);
  2. Requesting to apply for a driving license;

Contact Ms. Samar Wahbi for details on how to obtain a No Objection Letter.

Ms. Samar Wahbi
Financial Aid and Immigration Specialist,
Phone: (974)4492-8510