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Health and Wellness


The Health and Wellness team utilizes a holistic approach and promotes the personal and professional health and wellbeing of students. The team does so by providing services such as counseling and intervention, and assessment services including learning assessments. They also develop, implement and evaluate educational and preventive programs for students that promote self-awareness, effective thinking and reasoning, emotional intelligence, interpersonal effectiveness, multicultural competence, psychological wellbeing and resiliency.

The team is comprised of our two psychologists, learning support specialists and our student events & wellness coordinator. Psychologists can be contacted via email at:

Sarah Burshan:

Sobia Rahman:

Students can also read about the new employee wellbeing program at The program offers students free access to an online portal packed with information on various aspects of personal wellbeing: work, life skills, emotional health, physical health, family and managing people. It also has videos, podcasts, quizzes and other interactive content. 

Non-urgent inquiries regarding wellness events may be directed to: Ms. Elizabeth Thomas:


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Health and Wellness Events & Activities

  • Education City-wide health & wellness fair 
  • Breast cancer awareness walk and breast cancer mobile unit 
  • Flu vaccination campaign 
  • Workshops on topics such as counseling 101, wellness, self compassion, burn out, expressive art therapy, healthy meal planning, self care, cognitive distortions
  • Student community socials 
  • Men's health - Movember
  • Yoga sessions
  • Muay Thai 
  • International Puzzle Day 
  • Mindfulness coloring 
  • Women's heart health 
  • Study Happy Week activities 
  • Children's Health Fair - health and wellness booth with three different wellness-promoting activities
  • Weekly meditations for positivity and calm 
  • Mental Health Month 
  • Virtual Earth Day 

More about Mindfulness Coloring: This is a popular bi-weekly event where students have the space to engage in mindful coloring. This event takes place during the lunch hour and offers students the opportunity to engage in a meaningful activity and meet other students. Often you’ll find students enjoying their lunch and the relaxation of coloring!