Student Clubs & Organizations Resources

Starting a new club or organization

All actively enrolled students at WCM-Q can submit an application to open a new club/org during the academic year. There is no deadline for submitting the application, but please note the following four required steps:

  1. Recruit a minimum of four current WCM-Q students and have them sign the below form to support your new club/org request.   
  2. Generate a constitution for your student club/org (see the attached form below).
  3. Invite and select a WCM-Q faculty or staff member to serve as your club/org advisor.
  4. Complete the online registration form by clicking here.

Once you have completed the four steps above, Student Affairs will review the online application, ensure all information is available and approve. Once approved, your application will be sent to MSEC-Q, for their approval as well. This process typically takes two weeks to complete.

Click here for required form for the petition and constitution.

Clubs/Orgs training

At the beginning of each academic year, Student Affairs, in collaboration with MSEC-Q, organizes a training session for all approved clubs/orgs. The goal of the session is to introduce the student event policies and procedures. In addition, MSEC-Q discusses the funding process for all clubs/orgs.

Click here to view the student activities office's presentation from Fall 2019.

Renewal process for clubs/orgs

In April, the Student Activities office releases the application to renew your club/org status. This online application allows any existing and approved clubs/orgs to apply to renew their active status for the following academic year. The goal of this process is to ensure the continuation and retention of all clubs/orgs. In addition, this process will help provide an efficient transition for all current clubs/orgs. We strongly encourage you to utilize this opportunity to recruit and appoint new student leaders for your organization (especially if you are graduating).

Click here for the online application for the renewal process.

*The renewal process will be in April of every year. Further details about the process will be sent then.