Admissions timeline 2022-2023


Important Notes:

  • All supporting documents should be submitted in advance of the suggested target date for application completion. To receive full consideration, your application and all supporting documents should be received by March 1.
  • Questions about financial aid should be directed to Qatar Foundation. You may complete the financial aid application form directly from Qatar Foundation.


You are required to submit results of either the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT.

You must take tests early enough to allow submission of scores prior to March 1, the deadline for application completion. We urge you to plan your test calendar well in advance because you must register for each test about one month before the test date, and it generally takes four to six weeks after the test for scores to be reported.

Follow the links below to plan your test dates and registration.

 SAT Reasoning Test & Subject Tests

ACT On-Campus Testing Program

If you reside in Qatar and are unable to take the SAT or ACT as described, there is another option to take the ACT On-Campus test at WCM-Q on the following dates:

ACT On-Campus Exam Date Registration Deadline
September 17, 2022
Exam begins at 8:30 am.
September 13, 2022 
3:00 pm Qatar time
September 29, 2022
Exam begins at 3:30 pm.
September 26, 2022 
3:00 pm Qatar time
January 10, 2023
Exam begins at 3:30 pm.
January 05, 2023 
3:00 pm Qatar time
January 14, 2023
Exam begins at 8:30 am.
January 10, 2023
3:00 pm Qatar time   
January 17, 2023
Exam begins at 3:30 pm.
January 12, 2023 
3:00 pm Qatar time

If you register for the ACT On-Campus test at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar, the test score report will be delivered to Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar only

Please contact the WCM-Q Admissions Office via email for details on how to register: admissions@qatar-med.cornell.edu 

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: If you choose to take the ACT On-Campus test more than once, there must be a 60-day gap between your two test dates.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Seats are LIMITED.  Kindly register for the exam as soon as possible before the deadlines (indicated above).