We select applicants for interview according to the extent to which we feel they fulfill the criteria described in the 'Requirements' tab of the four-year medical curriculum.

If you are offered an interview, we will notify you by e-mail. The message indicates a choice of date and time. Please confirm your choice as soon as possible by email.

On the day of the interview, please plan to stay for all scheduled activities, which occupy most of the day. The day's activities will include:

  • An information meeting with the director of admissions.
  • Five interviews with medical faculty. The interviews, scheduled for 30 minutes each, are designed to provide you with an opportunity to discuss your decision to pursue a career in medicine, your preparation for medical school, and your life interests and experiences.
  • Meetings and lunch with students studying in the medical curriculum.
  • A tour of the medical school.

Please note that if you are invited for an interview, the interviews must take place at our campus in Doha.