Selection Criteria

Premedical Curriculum
The Committee on Admissions considers equally students with backgrounds in the basic sciences, social sciences, and liberal arts. Each application is considered on an individual basis. We encourage applicants to pursue premedical curricula which allow them to sample a broad range of academic disciplines and to explore one or more areas in depth. All premedical required course work should be completed by January 31 of the year for which admission is sought.

Letters of Evaluation/Recommendation
Letters of evaluation play an important role in the Committee's assessment of your application. Letters should be written by persons who know you well personally.

MCAT Scores
The Committee regards the MCAT as a standardized tool which allows for one form of comparison among applicants. MCAT scores are considered as part of the application but do not outweigh other components of the application. There are no cut-offs for MCAT scores.

Extracurricular Activities
The Committee is extremely interested in meaningful participation in extracurricular activities, whether on- or off-campus. Such participation should demonstrate commitment and involvement, as evidenced by extension over time, leadership roles, and accomplishments.

Investigation of the field of Medicine 
We encourage applicants to explore medicine in some form before entering medical school. This exploration may take the form of research, volunteer activities in medicine, preceptor experiences in medical practices or laboratories, summer employment, etc. Again, we are interested in meaningful rather than perfunctory participation.

The Committee values applicants' research experiences, whether in basic science, social science, or liberal arts. Research in biomedical sciences is encouraged.

The practice of medicine requires the highest level of personal integrity. The Committee seeks applicants whose characters are developing in a way conducive to the best practice of medicine. This will include emotional maturity, personal depth, commitment to others' well-being, and ethical and moral integrity.