General Information

Qatar has a variety of schools with different curricula, including American, British, International Baccalaureate, Indian, Lebanese etc. However, space is at a premium in Qatar. We will assist you with schooling when you relocate to Qatar.

WCMCQ Email Account:
All WCMC-Q employees will have a WCMC-Q email account. The email account will be activated on your first date at WCMC-Q in Qatar. Americans will need their Social Security number for this purpose.

Qatar ID card
All RP holders will be entitled to an identification card issued by the Immigration Authorities in Qatar once the residency permit has been stamped into their passport. Family members with completed residency permits also will receive a Qatar ID card, which contains their name, photo and residency permit reference number.

Medical Card
All RP holders will be entitled to a Hamad Hospital medical card. WCMC-Q HR immigration section will submit an application on your behalf. This card should be produced whenever you seek medical services at the Hamad Government Hospital in Qatar. This card cannot be used in private clinics or hospitals.

All WCMC-Q employees will receive a WCMC-Q access card. You will have your WCMC-Q Identification ID issued on your first date. A representative from the HR Department will take you to the Facilities Management Department to have your photo taken for this purpose.

Bank Account in Qatar: (For employees of WCMCQ with residency permit)
A representative from the Human Resources Department will assist you to set up a bank account within days of your arrival. Once your account is established, you can arrange for direct deposit of your paycheck into your Doha account, either in full, or in part. You may arrange to have your paycheck deposited into one or more accounts, in one or more countries. You are free to deal with any bank of your choice in Qatar.

Buying a Car: (For employees of WCMCQ with residency permit)
Once you receive your RP, you will be able to purchase a car and register it under your own name, if you wish. There are several options for new or used cars in Qatar. The HR department will assist you with the necessary employment confirmation letters.

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